Hey there, I'm Misty/Kasumi, a teacher affiliated with Futuri Principles! I specialize in Science, but of course that's not really too important. What's important is I'm th swim coach, and YOU SHOULD JOIN THE TEAM!
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academyfatass-deactivated201308 asked : ...I was wondering if I could get private lessons, since I don't know how to swim?

Well, sure. Show up an hour before practice and I’ll give you some one on one time.

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Misty spread the catalogues around the classroom one by one, making sure every student would have on to peruse. On the white board she had scribed, in large, cursive letters “Order day! —pick your water type!”
The aquariums sat empty around the Marine Biology Classroom, waiting for their inhabitants (which should arrive in 3-4 business days). In past weeks, the students had been studying a staryu, which Misty had caught and currently twirled in its tank at the front of the room. Now they would be studying their own specimens, and recording their habits.
Misty leaned back against her desk and let out a sigh of content. Besides the day the pokemon themselves arrived, Order Day was one of her favorite to teach (mostly because she wasn’t teaching at all). Now she needed only to wait for her classto come pouring in the door.

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academyrival asked : Ms. Misty? Did we have any Marine Bio homework? I came to class a bit tardy again. I'm sorry!

Just email the online syllabus to your parents and put in your electronic signature. (Aka, click that box that says you’ve read and accept the rules.)

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— Quick Question


I couldn’t help but overhear a discussion regarding housing arrangements for the faculty… I don’t suppose any of you know where else we could live - as in, off the school grounds? I’m currently staying in one of the private dorm rooms as well, but… it’s a bit…. stuffy in here, to say the least.

In short: does anyone know what my options may be as far as living arrangements go?

Well I used to live in this nice complex a few miles south but there’s a really loud gay bar downstairs so
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once I learn how to swim, I’ll be so buff and manly you won’t be able to recognize me.

Plus, I’m still growing! I’ll get even taller, you can count it!

Barry and Hikari can go frolicking with their bfs and gfs, i dont care

i’ll just be the super desirable bachelor who don’t need no woman

Chicks dig speedos
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Don’t mind me just casually hanging out in tc waiting for people to come in~~~

Hey whats the tc??
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flowerofhoenn asked : I'm really psyched for Swim Team this year!! Are we getting any new suits, or is it just the same old ones? And, er.. do we /have/ to do backstroke for the tryouts? It's not really.. my best stroke, heheh..

Well, uh… at this rate, it looks like whoever shows up is on the team to be honest.

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I-uh….I’m…afraid of the deep end.

…Whatever. You’re on the team. Practice starts tomorrow.

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Wha- hey! I don’t need no floaties! It’s not like I sink like a Bonsly! [lie]

Well if you don’t want them, then get in the damn water and show me you don’t need them!

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academyfatass-deactivated201308 asked : ....I don't know how to swim though.

With two remaining girls from last year’s team, looks like you’re all that I’ve got.

…Well, I guess I got a lot more than I bargained for.

We’ll start from the ground up!

*She throws a pair of Magikarp floaties at Lucas*

Get in the pool, I’ll show you how to backstroke.